Chinese Herbal Medicine
What is Chinese Herbal Medicine and how does it work?

Chinese herbal medicine allows the practitioner to provide a customized formula for the patient which can address several concerns at once. It also gives a longer lasting effect to acupuncture treatments. It is different to western medications, which work by suppressing symptoms, Chinese herbs work to restore normal physiological function by addressing the underlying cause of disease.

Traditional Chinese herbal prescriptions are a synergistic combination of multiple herbs which can reduce all kinds of unwanted side effects. When used under the supervision of a trained herbalist, Chinese herbal medicine is safe and effective for many patients. The vast amount of herbal knowledge available today has accumulated through the centuries, going back over two thousand years; penicillin dates to the 1930′s! So the clinical significance of Chinese herbal medicine is substantial and easily speaks for itself.

The Chinese herbs we use are provided in a concentrated powder or raw herbal form. They are processed according to rigorous GMP standards and are regularly tested and monitored for high levels of heavy metals or other possible contamination. The herbs are controlled in China as medicinal substances and in the US are subject to regulation and testing by the FDA. Australia is a third proponent having the strictest TGA regulations in the world when it comes to herbal medicine and pharmaceuticals.

To prescribe Chinese herbal medicine in the state of Massachusetts you must be a licensed acupuncturist with NCCAOM certification in OM or Chinese Herbology, and have a letter of authorization from the state to practice Chinese herbal medicine. To retain prescribing rights you must complete additional herbal training during each two year cycle for state license renewals.